How to make a spinning donkey – step by step guide


How to make a donk for fishing from a spinning rod with a feeder and collect a deaf snack – a step-by-step guide. What to do if you came
to catch predatory fish , but she does not bite? If you have a minimum set of fishing accessories with you, you can quickly build a donk from spinning tackle and catch the fish that bites on natural baits. Today, anglers have an extremely developed specialization of tackle, equipment and lures in relation to specific areas of fishing, the main of which are the following:

Within each direction there are subgroups. For example, in bottom fishing,
feeder fishing, bait fishing,
carp fishing , etc. are distinguished. There are also several types of fishing in spinning, which, as a rule, involve the use of artificial lures.
How to make a spinning donkey - step by step guideOne can imagine a situation when a fisherman came to hunt a predator, but he does not react in any way to the baits offered to him. Still want to catch fish. In this case, you can “get away from zero” by making a donk out of spinning and trying to catch another, non-predatory fish. How to make a donk for fishing from spinning, you can find out by reading this article.

What you need to assemble a donk based on spinning tackle

What is required in order to turn spinning into a donkey? You will need the following:

  1. Hooks . If there are no ordinary hooks, you can use small offsets.
    How to make a spinning donkey - step by step guide
  2. Monofilament line . In extreme cases, you can use a braided cord.How to make a spinning donkey - step by step guide
  3. Sinkers . Cheburashka sinkers are quite suitable, if there is nothing else.How to make a spinning donkey - step by step guide
  4. Feeder . The feeder can significantly increase the catch, provided that there is something to fill it with. Of course, a good bait is better, but in its absence, you can use a roll.
    How to make a spinning donkey - step by step guide
    Spiral feeder
  5. Bait . Usually, spinningists do not take either a worm or a maggot with them, but the same bun, as well as caddisfly larvae found in the water, other aquatic invertebrates or terrestrial insects, can help out.
How to make a spinning donkey - step by step guide
elements that are needed to assemble a donkey from a spinning tackle right on the shore

How to make a simple donk out of spinning without a feeder

When asked if spinning can be used as a donk, the answer will be yes.

True, not always. If the spinning belongs to the
ultra-light class , and you will have to catch the donk where a heavy sinker is required, it is better not to risk a rod that may not withstand overload.

In other cases, it is quite possible to build a donk out of spinning. Of course, the tackle will not turn out to be as sensitive and long-range as the feeder, but it will be possible to catch fish with it. The coil can be both inertialess and
multiplier . It is better to use a braided line as the main line, as it is much more sensitive than a monofilament line.

  1. The spinning bait comes unfastened from the fastener and put away in the box.
  2. If a pike leash is tied to the end of the cord, it is also removed away.
  3. Snap is knitted. Two leashes 10-30 centimeters long are tied to a piece of monofilament fishing line about 1 meter long. It is advisable to make them from a thinner fishing line, but if it is not available, you can use a fishing line of the same diameter as the main one.
  4. Hooks are attached to the leashes. When choosing their size, the angler should be guided by the size of the bait that he is going to use, and the size of the intended production.
  5. A clasp is tied to the end of the fishing line.
  6. A sinker is attached to the clasp.

How to make a spinning donkey - step by step guide

Note! For fishing on the current, a spoon-shaped sinker is considered optimal. If the bottom in the place of fishing is rocky, or there are snags on it, it is better to use “pear” or “olive” shaped loads. The “ballerina” sinker clings to the ground the least of all, which spinningists use when fishing on a
retractable leash and
drop shot .

How to make a spinning donkey - step by step guide
Ballerina Cargo

How to make a donk out of a spinning rod with a fishing feeder not flowing and without

The feeder serves to attract fish to the bait. Making a spinning donkey with a feeder is actually not much more difficult than making a simple donkey. Equipment for a donkey with a feeder is called mounting. There are many feeders of various designs. The simplest options are suitable for converting a spinning rod into a donkey. It is unlikely that any of the spinningists carries with them an anti-twist, which prevents the leash from twisting around the main fishing line. Therefore, the following installations are the most used:

  1. Mounting with clip-on feeder . To make it, you just need to fasten a feeder and a leash with a hook to the clasp at the end of the braid. Such equipment will work well on the course;How to make a spinning donkey - step by step guide
  2. Mounting with sliding feeder . There are feeders with an axial hole through which the main line is threaded. After it, a bead is put on, which is a damper that prevents the feeder from breaking the knot. Then a swivel is tied and a leash with a hook is attached to it. This installation is more sensitive when biting.How to make a spinning donkey - step by step guide

But the story of how to assemble a donkey with a feeder for spinning does not end there. Even a spinner needs to know how to use groundbait.

Healthy! When fishing on the course, the bait should be more viscous. In the summer, bait may contain various flavors, while when fishing in cold water, their amount should be kept to a minimum.

How to assemble a donk from a spinning rod, how to balance a rod, the choice of elements for tackle:

How to fish with a donk made from spinning

Most spinning rods don’t have a colored tip like feeder rods, so it’s harder to keep track of. If there are simple bells or bells, you can use them as bite signals. Otherwise, you will have to constantly monitor the tip of the rod.

Take note! At night, you can loosen the clutch of the reel and fix the bite by its cod. In this case, do not forget to clamp it with your hand when hooking.

Another important rule regarding bottom fishing with a feeder. It is necessary to take into account not only the mass of the feeder, but also the weight of the bait contained in it. Taking into account the test of the spinning rod, you need to compare the weight of the equipment with it so as not to break the spinning rod when casting. Knowing how to make a donk for fishing from spinning, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances of bottom fishing, which have little in common with spinning fishing.

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