Fishing for bream on the ring from a boat in summer and winter from ice

Лещевая рыбалка

Fishing for bream on the ring is a popular, effective fishing method that is not known to all fishermen, but can be used all year round, both when fishing from a boat (it is worse to fish from the shore), and when fishing from ice in winter. Tackle ring (ringing) is an original fishing equipment with which you can get a good result
when catching bream in the current , a special feeder is used for fishing, two parallel cords passed through a special ring with a slot, one of which has hooks with a nozzle, and the second Cormac with
bait .
Fishing for bream on the ring from a boat in summer and winter from ice

What kind of tackle such a “ringing”, description and features

Ringing is a fishing tackle that can suit those who are used to actively working on fishing, and not just take part or watch. The rig is a non-removable ring with a diameter of up to 50 millimeters and a thickness of up to 10 millimeters, inside which a fishing line, a swivel, a leash, a bead and a hook are placed through a special slot. The line is placed against the edge of the edging. In some types of rings, soldering occurs, drilling a hole through which the main line is inserted. A stopper is placed before the fishing line to limit the movement of the leashes and to avoid damage to the tackle. A swivel is used for the stopper, but the bead must be fixed.
Fishing for bream on the ring from a boat in summer and winter from iceTackle ring in general [/ caption] Like any common tackle, the ring for bream has its own varieties. Today it is used in three forms:

  • ring with a leash;
  • removable ring;
  • ring “eggs”.

Fishing for bream on the ring from a boat in summer and winter from iceRinging and Eggs – two rigs for fishing for bream [/ caption] In the first case, when
ringing with a leash , a half-meter thick fishing line with a diameter of 0.3-0.5 mm is placed in the hole … A fishing line of this thickness is needed so that the leash does not get confused during casting and further fishing. On the other side of the line, a swivel with a carabiner is tied. A cord with tackle will go through the latter. To limit the sliding of the leash carabiner, a carabiner mechanism or a large bead is placed at the bottom of the cord.
Detachable ring– a mechanism with a ring, at the edges of which a cut is made. It is blocked with wire tendrils or a rubber tube baffle. The structure, therefore, consists of a ring, main line, a line to the boat, antennae and a line to the feeder. In the third modification –
eggs , the main purpose is given to two lead balls. They are fastened together with wire and pins. The balls under the wire pressure begin to press against each other and prevent the line from flying out of the slot. In the ring of the pin there is a line with a monofilament leash line. During the bite, the line goes between the balls and the fishing tackle of the egg does not get confused with the feeder.
Fishing for bream on the ring from a boat in summer and winter from iceFishing on the ring – an educational program for beginners in two video parts:

Interesting to know. During the years of the USSR, the tackle ring could not be used to preserve the bream as a species. Today you can fish in any way within the framework of the fishing law.

The plus of the rigs is that you can fish in the best places, but inaccessible when using many other tackles: holes, curbs and hard-to-reach areas near the snag. It can be actively used both in reservoirs with a slow stream and with a rapid current.
Fishing for bream on the ring from a boat in summer and winter from iceFishing for rings on the current [/ caption] The disadvantage of the rig is that catching bream on the ring near dense bushes is time and effort consuming. In addition, you cannot fish on the ring from a boat at a depth of less than 5 meters, since the bream will be frightened, and be careful, due to the rather complex design of the entire tackle. They catch bream on the ring
, silver bream, roach, blue bream, carp and ide. The feeder net beckons and holds the fish, and hooks going in the distance do not alert cautious fish as much as when fishing, for example, on a
donk or
feeder .

What is needed to equip the ring, what elements are needed and how to put them together

Feeders are used differently. They are made of metal and a simple nylon mesh. The main requirements for the trough: capacious, rather heavy at the bottom of the container. At the bottom of the river, feeders for fishing on the ring should be placed in a standing manner, for this reason, they should be lowered vertically, without throwing the tackle into the water.
Fishing for bream on the ring from a boat in summer and winter from iceFeeder for fishing with a ring [/ caption] To properly fish with a ring, you need to use the following scheme:

  1. Attach the rod to the boat mount, prepare the feeder for ring fishing.
  2. Put the ring on the cord, tie the feeder to it. If it has a removable structure, then it will be easier to attach. Fill the feeder with lure, carefully lower it to the river bottom. Pull the cord and lower the tackle along it. While fishing on the ring from the boat, it is easy to raise and lower it a little to flush out the bait.
  3. Place the bait on the hooks, lower the leash or several into the water, while at the same time they begin to stretch directly under the action of the current.
  4. Carefully lower the ring to the bottom. Along with the ring, lower the fishing line, leads and hooks. Fishing for bream on the ring from a boat in summer and winter from iceFishing on the ring from the boat schematically [/ caption]

Note! For fishing in the area of ​​a strong current, so that the hooks stay on the pond near the trough and the ring, they must be carefully fixed in the slot of the ring. It is also worth putting a stopper pellet made of lead.

Strike when biting should be done abruptly. The ring should not be lifted during fishing. When fishing for bream, place the ring in the boat or attach it securely to the boat cylinder. Tackle ringing with your own hands – schematically and clearly:
Fishing for bream on the ring from a boat in summer and winter from iceRigging ring for catching bream from a boat [/ caption]

Choosing a place to catch bream

When choosing a place to catch bream on a ring, you should give preference to deep reservoirs with a current, soft soil and fairway pits. It is easier to find bream using an echo sounder. While exploring the river bottom, it is worth stopping:

  • at the bend of the river;
  • at the river constriction;
  • at a deep cleft;
  • at the edge, snag.

Fishing for bream on the ring from a boat in summer and winter from icePositions of bream [/ caption] Catching bream on a ring from a boat at a depth of 25 meters on the river. Volga – video report:

Ring Fishing Secrets

To catch bream or other fish on the ring, you need to use a short rod not 0.7-1.4 meters long, monofilament or fluorocarbon line 0.25 mm in diameter, a spinning inertial reel, a bite alarm (bell or bell). You can also use “egg” type sinkers instead of a ring, a metal feeder with a mesh size of 5 by 5 millimeters, two or three hooks (for catching small fish 1-3 number, small bream 4-6 number, carp and large bream 7-10 number , pike perch, catfish and barbel 10-15 hook number).
Fishing for bream on the ring from a boat in summer and winter from iceNumbering of hooks [/ caption] In summer, barley with bread, boiled potatoes and green peas can be used as a nozzle
. In spring and autumn, you can fish for a worm,
bloodworms… For hoop fishing, flavors should also be used in the bait mixture (sprays or dips are sold at a fishing store). As a bait, you need to use cereals with seeds, worms, maggots, wheat bread crumbs. As for the technique of fishing, you need to proceed as follows. Put the attachment on the hooks, lower the ring down to the feeder. Put the rod on board and determine the bite by vibration. The feeder remains on the bottom while playing. The most catchy places for bream fishing are irrigation, a section of the muddy bottom, an area near the pits, which are located at a depth of five or six meters.
Fishing for bream on the ring from a boat in summer and winter from iceRing Feeders [/ caption] When fishing in a fast current, it is advisable to check the feeder regularly. If there is no food in it, then the bite will weaken. If the feed begins to wash out rapidly, the viscosity of the feed should be increased with clay particles. If the feed is too viscous, then you can wash it a little by regularly shaking the feeder. It is not necessary to use long leashes when fishing with a hoop. One and a half meter length will be enough to attract fish and find it near the hook. It is more efficient to organize fishing for bream on a ring from a boat using an echo sounder.
Hoop fishing in winter – video from ice: Hoop fishing is especially effective at great depths and strong currents.

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