Open water fishing in spring – when the season begins, who bites and what

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When spring comes, the fish become more active. Along with the melting ice, anglers have a greater chance of getting a good catch. At this time, not only the number of actively biting peaceful species of fish is growing, but also the number of predators. An increase in the day, warming increases the activity of the fish and allows a good catch. To take advantage of this, you need to be familiar with the specifics of spring fishing.
Open water fishing in spring - when the season begins, who bites and whatSpring is the time for active fishing for many types of fish [/ caption]

When spring fishing season begins

Spring fishing begins when the ice melts on the reservoirs, and the water warms up to 10 degrees. It is impossible to say exactly when this will happen, since usually spring weather is unstable and in it warm days can be replaced by cold ones and vice versa. It also strongly depends on the region. At that spring time, in March, when the ice is still on the water bodies, fishing can take place from the ice until it begins to actively melt. In polynyas and in completely thawed areas, there will be more congestion of fish due to the fact that the water here is warmer than that in winter and richer in oxygen.

Which fish starts to bite first

Each spring month is different and has its own characteristics. Knowing them, the fisherman will be able to choose the right fishing method that will bring him success.

March harvest

The beginning of March is a turning point in the weather from winter to spring. At this time, the ice crust begins to melt intensively, and there is less and less time for
winter ice fishing . The weather at this time is unstable – warm days give way to cold weather. March is considered to be the month of the
pike awakening ; this fish has a zeal in connection with active preparation for spawning.
Open water fishing in spring - when the season begins, who bites and whatAt this time, you can count on a good catch of
roach ,
perch , the beginning of the activity of
crucian carp ,
bream and
pike perch… Due to the increased melting of ice, polynyas are formed. They open up access to oxygen and actively attract fish. At this time, biting is especially good on large bodies of water and rivers. At this time, the fish leave their winter habitats and move closer to the shore. In deep places, it tries to stay closer to the surface. The working depth in such cases does not exceed half a meter. At this time, roach is caught on the line, bream is caught
on the feeder , perch, pike, ide are good for spinning.
Open water fishing in spring - when the season begins, who bites and whatFor catching perch in early spring, it is important to use spinners ,
microjig or jig. You can use bloodworms as bait when fishing with a float rod
. At night, you can catch burbot from the remaining ice.
… During the day, it is easy to find it in those places where there are driftwood at the bottom. Pike can also be caught with winter gear during March. If the ice has melted, then it’s time to pick up a spinning rod. The pike perch at this time behaves in such a way that it is difficult to find it. When fishing in the current, you should rely on the fact that the fish is still at a depth of 4-5 meters. In such conditions, you can use a
float rod ,
feeder or
bottom tackle taking a large worm to bait.
Open water fishing in spring - when the season begins, who bites and what

Fishing in April

With the onset of the second month of spring, winter fishing is becoming a thing of the past, fishing in open water comes to the fore. If ice is still preserved, then you can be sure that it is unreliable. If you are not vigilant, you can get into trouble. At this time of spring, for catching predatory fish, you can use a spinning rod, for peaceful fishing – with a float rod or feeder. Bottom fishing during this period is used in rare cases, more often when fishing for
carp .
Open water fishing in spring - when the season begins, who bites and whatTypical sites for carp and carp on the river in late spring and early summer in June, when the water is still relatively cold [/ caption] At this time, most fish have a good appetite. This is due to the fact that they need to prepare for spawning. There is a lot of food for fish near the shore at a shallow depth. Therefore, it is best to fish in such places. You need to pay attention to those places that are near the mouths of the rivers. With the help of a float rod or a side nod, it is convenient to fish in tight spots and in areas with a difficult bottom. At this time, breeder, silver bream, roach bite well. The latter swims in flocks, providing fishermen with good bite. This fish can be easily fed and kept at one point. Roach bite well on
maggotsor bloodworms. For pike, you can use a small live bait when fishing on a donk, a zerlitsa, a line. A small fish is best suited – crucian carp, gudgeon, small roach. Carp and crucian carp, which also begin to fatten, are best caught in warm weather, without wind and sudden changes in pressure.

Fishing in May

Many fish spawn during this month. Before you catch them, you need to clarify the
legal restrictions , which differ in different regions. Fish that spawned earlier start eating in May. Fishing will be the best this month. The water temperature corresponds to the maximum activity of the fish – it is no longer icy, but not too warm either. During this time, you can constantly use both animal and plant bait. At this time, the following types of fish actively peck and feed:

  • crucian carp;
  • tench ;
  • rudd;
  • roach;
  • bream;
  • Pike;
  • perch;
  • zander;
  • carp.

In May, the whole range of tackles is used for fishing – spinning, donk, float rod, girders, mugs. In May, many types of fish are almost always hungry and bite well. A fisherman can get a good catch of both peaceful and predatory fish.
Open water fishing in spring - when the season begins, who bites and whatWhen the fish starts biting in spring – fishing calendar [/ caption]

What weather is better for fish biting in spring

Fish are more active in spring in warm weather, without sudden gusts of wind. It is believed that peaceful fish do not like sharp temperature jumps. Atmospheric pressure does not have such a strong effect on it as in summer, but still the fish bite better in spring with a stable slightly reduced pressure.

When can I go fishing in the spring

In early spring, when polynyas appear, burbot can be found next to them
. It bites especially well at night. After the ice melts, the pike is activated – it can be caught on spinning with spoons,
jig lures and
wobblers… Zander can be caught at this time in the same way, but he prefers silicone baits. Predatory fish need to prepare for spawning. The activity is increasing. Bream, roach and silver bream with water warming up to 12-15 degrees will peck at great depths in calm water bodies, in backwaters and on the opposite stream on rivers. In the second half of April, the weather usually becomes warmer and more stable. At this time, crucian carp bites well. In April, pike, ruff and perch spawn. Although the fish is now easier to fish, legal restrictions must be taken into account to help preserve the natural balance. The fish are most active in May compared to other spring months. In some species, spawning has ended and the zhor is already beginning. For others, it is just beginning. If the catch of such fish is allowed, then a rich catch can be observed during the whole daylight hours.
Open water fishing in spring - when the season begins, who bites and whatIn May, the activity of many fish species increases [/ caption]

Fishing in the spring on the river for months

March is a time of major changes in the lifestyle of fish. Depending on the region, the reservoirs may still be covered with ice or you can already fish in open water. Although frosts are still possible during this period, the water gradually begins to warm up and is increasingly enriched with oxygen. At this time, fishing with a float rod will be effective
. Crucian carp and roach start to peck earlier than everyone else. The first burst of activity will occur within a few days after the start of the ice drift. They can be caught on a float rod with a blind tackle or with a sliding float. As the water warms up, the underwater inhabitants feed more and more actively, preparing for the spawning period.
Open water fishing in spring - when the season begins, who bites and whatIn spring, sliding assembly works on crucian carp and tench on stagnant bodies of water, on roach, bream, rudd in the current [/ caption] In April, in most of Russia, the ice either melted or is about to melt. Usually, open water first appears off the coast. Here it is warmed up, contains more oxygen and has enough food to attract fish. In stagnant water, you can fish near the shore in the upper layer of water. Where there is a strong current, the fish is at a depth of 2-3 to 4-5 meters. Considering the fact that many fish go to spawn in April, activity decreases during this period. Also, after spawning for a week, there is a temporary lull, then the activity increases. In May, the fish bite especially actively. During this time, conditions are most favorable for activity.Usually spawning ends no later than the second half of May and at the end of the month fishermen can enjoy a good bite. In the first ten days of May, you should pay attention to small rivers. The fish is well caught with a float rod. At this time, many species of fish are united in schools and actively move around the water area. This should be taken into account when fishing.
Open water fishing in spring - when the season begins, who bites and whatShore fishing in spring [/ caption]

Catching different types of fish in spring

During this period, the fish gradually recover from the harsh winter conditions. Peaceful and predators are active and have a good appetite. In order to get a good catch, you need to know the habits of the fish you want to catch.


This is a tenacious and unpretentious fish. You can start catching it even a few days after the start of the ice drift. Crucian carp has been living in the same place for a long time. If last season he was caught in a certain place, then now he is most likely in the same place.
Open water fishing in spring - when the season begins, who bites and what
In the spring, crucian carp will perceive live bait better. For example, worms ,
maggots or
bloodworms will suit him as bait
. You can even use bacon to catch spring carp. In April, tastes will change – plant bait will be relevant, as well as worms. Semolina, mastic,
peas will do . You can catch crucian carp with a
float rod and
feeder… Since the fish does not completely swallow the hook, the quick reaction of the fisherman plays an important role. The fish prefers depths of up to one and a half meters and places with a snaggy bottom. Fishing in Karelia in spring:

Fishing for pike in spring

You can go fishing for pike right after the snow melts. Pike spawning occurs early, so the predator begins to prepare for it in March. The best option for open water fishing is spinning. Pike rubs on shallows, spills and areas around them. There it is worth looking for immediately after spawning. Fish prefers reservoirs with clean and transparent water. In April-May, pike can be found in rivers and in taverns. Predators are attracted to places where they can feed on fry. In spring, such places are located close to the coast. Good bite lasts all day long.

Carp fishing

Carp at the beginning of spring is still low in activity, so you need to try to catch it. The peak of its activity falls on the water temperature from +14 degrees. In the spring, fish are mainly found at a depth of one and a half to two meters. More opportunities to catch in small bodies of water. In May, his behavior will change – he will go deeper. At this time, the carp prefers to hide among the snags. The catch will be greater if the carp is pre-fed. In this case, you need to make sure that the complementary foods are tasty, but not too nutritious. In March, worms or maggots are the most effective bait. In April and May, you can use
boilies ,
corn ,
pearl barley or hominy. A feeder rod up to 3 meters long is suitable for fishing.
Open water fishing in spring - when the season begins, who bites and what

Spring perch

In March, striped fish can be found at a depth of 2-3 meters, and larger perch at depths of 3-7 meters. They fish with a spoon or jig. Small perches gather in schools, making them easier to catch. Fish move close to the coastline. In April, this fish bites better in the morning. It is better to fish for a dip in the coastal zone next to vegetation. However, sometimes, in search of it, it is required to fish the entire reservoir, since it actively moves at a depth in search of a nutrient base. For fishing, use a summer-type nod fishing rod, or a float one. In this case, you can use a jig. Perch is caught especially well in May. Most types of bait will work for him. This month, fish are caught near the shore. You can effectively fish with a spinning rod, float rod or donk. A worm or fry is suitable as bait at this time.Lures when fishing with a spinning tackle – spinners,
microjig , small wobblers. Fishing spring 2021 – video from the shore of the reservoir:

What else can you recommend?

To ensure a good catch, you need to choose a suitable fishing spot. For early spring, such will be the small parts of water bodies that warm up the fastest. This is due to the fact that it is such places that are better warmed up by the spring sun and fish like to be in them. If you fish on the current, it is better to position yourself immediately after the narrowing of the river, in its bend, or after a turn. It is necessary to choose a place where there are holes and driftwood at the bottom. Usually, it is here that fish accumulate, which spawns. When fishing for white fish, it is best to choose a spot near grass and bushes. It stands here, since it is in such places that it will be less noticeable to predatory fish. In the spring, the following bait recipes will help improve the quality of fishing:

  1. You will need to collect worms and chop them. Balls 5 cm in diameter are made from the clay collected at the place of fishing, into which the worms are kneaded. You can add food for aquarium fish to such balls.
  2. You need to purchase a maggot. They need to be crushed and poured into porridge.

Fly fishing in spring on small rivers: You need to prepare a large amount of bait, throwing it every few minutes, but in small portions. This will constantly attract fish. Tench, perch and rudd can swim on dragonfly larvae. When fishing in the current, you need to look for fish at the bottom. For this, heavier and coarser gear is suitable.

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