Fishing Robotic Swimming Lure Wobblers


Robotic moving lures in the form of miniature fish of different colors and shapes are guaranteed to attract the attention of predatory fish in any, even the most pressed water bodies, which provides fishermen with a decent catch. Fishing Robotic Swimming Lure Wobblers can be classified as hybrid lures, as their technology combines conventional and mechanical (robotic) parts. Fishing robots have a single-shell outer cover with a low center of gravity to keep the lure stable and in place even in strong currents.
Fishing Robotic Swimming Lure Wobblers

Characteristics of wobblers-robots

These fishing lures are programmed for realistic movement in the water. When a fisherman places such a device in the water, it automatically starts to move and swim realistically, like a real fish. Different models of robots can be in motion for about 5-10 seconds, then there is a pause and all stages of movement – the pause is repeated again. Then the robotic bait stops and takes a freezing pose for 3-5 seconds to attract real prey to the hunt. The cycle of movement and freezing of the robot is repeated many times. Several distinguishing qualities of Fishing Robotic Swimming Lure Wobblers:

  1. The material is highly durable , as most of the robot lures are made from epoxy ceramics. The outer shell of the fish is sealed, it cannot be disassembled, and the fastening compounds are made of stainless steel;
  2. More fish can be caught compared to classic lures . A fisherman may not study bite forecasts, not control the water level, but simply fish according to the season. With this device, fishing will become an interesting and exciting leisure activity at any time of the year;
  3. Artificial bait with memorable movements close to real ones . The angler can enjoy not only the fishing hobby, but also the interesting behavior of the robot. The lure is distinguished by its “live” behavior in the water, flexibility and durable body. Fragments of the robot are sewn into a sturdy case, so even a pike or pike perch cannot bite through the robot;Fishing Robotic Swimming Lure Wobblers
  4. Realistic behavior of the robot is achieved by programming the imitation of the behavior of a real fish . A feature of robotic lures is the high-quality assembly of the bodies. You can also note the software for setting the behavior of the robot, autonomous mode and the ability to launch the bait in salt and freshwater bodies;
  5. The bait can be attached to the restraining float before fishing. The robot fish moves impulsively slowly and quickly, attracting the attention of the predatory fish. When immersed in water, the terminals on the head of the lure are closed due to conductivity in the water. In the aquatic environment, the robot’s motor starts to work, starting the movement mechanism;
  6. With robotic fish, you can catch predatory fish under the ice in winter . The robots, with which you can fish at any time of the year, have a special light to attract the attention of fish in dark or muddy waters.

Attention! After starting the fish in salt water, it is recommended to rinse in fresh water and dry after fishing.

Lures Zombat

The American company Magurobotics invites fishermen to pay attention to the product “resuscitation of dead fish”, fish intended for catching large individuals. The fish-shaped device is a waterproof structure that simulates the movement of a living, active individual. Predators can bite less often on a dead fish than on a moving live bait. This wobbler must be used when it is difficult to get live bait, or it is simply not there. When it enters the reservoir, the device turns on automatically, and the dead fish “comes to life”.
Fishing Robotic Swimming Lure WobblersThe bait battery provides long-term operation and movement under water [/ caption]

Worth knowing! The waterproof case has a specific movement mechanism that controls the tail of the fish. Additionally, a replaceable battery is installed inside, the charge of which is enough for 2-3 hours of continuous fishing.

Lucky Lure Bait Fish

Highly effective bait with realistic behavior. This robot was developed with the support of engineers and fishermen who know the intricacies of baits. The lure body is attractive with a streamlined design. The robot has durable textile inserts that mimic the realistic S-shaped movement of the robotic lure in the water. The fish has 3D eyes and body color, as close as possible to the natural shade of the fish. It is these professional qualities that make the bait indistinguishable from real fry for underwater predators. Several differences from other baits:

  • 2 robust triple hooks mounted in a stainless steel robot. They reliably cling to the prey and make a grip so that it does not slip;
  • 3D eyes look as realistic as possible. They are difficult to distinguish from the real eyeballs of fish;
  • The lure is designed for catching most predatory fish from fresh water bodies – pike, perch, pike perch.

Fishing Robotic Swimming Lure WobblersRobotic Fishing Lure – Fishing Robotic Swimming Lure Wobblers For Fishing Review:

Models of robotic lures Fishing Robotic Swimming Lure, which can be ordered and bought from Aliexpress

The ranking of the best robots is created to facilitate the selection of the best robotic bait model for predatory fish. A selection of Fishing Robotic Swimming Lure Wobblers from Aliexpress:


Floating wobbler for fishing, crankbait with USB charging. A flashing LED light, a movable metal connector, a microcircuit are built inside the robot. Price RUB 466.33 – 1,455.21 Peculiarities:

  • length 10 cm;
  • weight 25.5 g;
  • hook size # 6 / # 10;
  • there is a USB charging;
  • charging time is about 2-4 hours;
  • working time 1 hour.

Fishing Robotic Swimming Lure WobblersLure ODS LURE [/ caption]

Robotic swimming lures ODS LURE

Floating lures, fishing wobblers, 4-segment floating lure, crankbait with USB charging. This device has a flashing LED light, a movable metal connector inside the structure. Price: RUB 488.57 – 1,524.40 Peculiarities:

  • length 13 cm;
  • weight 35 g;
  • hook size # 4;
  • USB charging;
  • charging time is almost 4 hours;
  • working time about 1 hour.

Fishing Robotic Swimming Lure Wobblers

Electric knotty bait

High quality ABS material and exquisite wobbler fish design appeals to professional anglers and novice fishermen. It can be used for a long time, and the multi-piece metal structure of the joint makes its movement more realistic and better. Once discharged, the wobbler can be charged via USB and the bait is ready for reuse. This type of robotic fish will swim automatically after being placed in the water after a few seconds. When the LED light is on, the bait will freeze for 5-10 seconds, waiting for the prey to come out on the bait. The robotic fish will turn off automatically after being pulled back out of the water. Price: RUB1,316.32 – RUB1,386.44

Advice! Use different lengths of lines at different water depths to keep the robotic lure in check.


  • ABS plastic material;
  • size 14 cm;
  • charging time 5-6 hours;
  • the activity of the bait under water 2-2.5 hours;
  • 650mAh battery, this robot can be charged and discharged about 300 times;
  • weight 53 g.

Fishing Robotic Swimming Lure WobblersRobot fish operate on batteries as bait, so they have a number of advantages. They are quiet in operation, which allows them to attract and then catch predatory fish. These devices are also easy to maintain, and do not consume electricity when not in use. The rechargeable battery provides excellent control of the robot’s speed and does not require oxygen, making it environmentally friendly with regular use.

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