Innovative fish bait Lucky Lure: how it works, reviews


Nowadays, there are quite a lot of fishing products produced by small companies that position them as an exclusive product, since their range of such products can be very small, and sometimes there is only one item available. The Lucky Lure lure is one of these. From English, its name is translated as “happy, lucky baubles.” The innovativeness of the bait is, of course, questionable, because compound baits were known and popular long before they were introduced.
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What is the innovative Lucky Lure fish bait

This device belongs to the class of swimbaits – plastic volumetric bladeless lures. Swimbaits differ from other bulk baits in that they are composite. Their body consists of several fragments, interconnected by metal rings. The minimum number of parts for swimbaits is 2. Lucky Lure has 8.
Innovative fish bait Lucky Lure: how it works, reviewsAll swimbaits are sinkers – some sink slowly, others quickly. Judging by the size characteristics, this innovative lure belongs to swimbaits sinking at an average speed. Its length is 14 cm, weight – 23 grams. A metal ball is built into the front fragment, which allows you to perform a longer cast, and when you retrieve it, it makes noise, attracting fish with acoustic vibrations. The bait is equipped with three triple hooks. The ring for attaching the clasp is located not on the “nose” of Lucky lure, but, if I may say so, on her “forehead”. The last piece of the bait is equipped with a realistic looking tail. By the way, the loss of this element does not affect the catchability in any way. Where Lucky Lure is made remains a mystery. Most likely in the USA.

What kind of fish can be caught on Lucky Lure

The manufacturer provides a list of five types of predatory fish, namely:

  • pike;
  • zander;
  • asp;
  • large perch;
  • large bersh.
Innovative fish bait Lucky Lure: how it works, reviews
Lucky Lure also catches a large chub [/ caption] In fact, the main prey when fishing on Lucky Lure will be pike. For catching asp, there are other, more catchy and, most importantly, more long-range baits. Catching a large bass on the Lucky Lure is quite possible in cases where the striped robber comes out in shallow water. The same applies to pike perch, but this happens to him much less often. The fanged predator prefers baits, firstly, of a smaller size, which is associated with the peculiarities of the structure of its throat, and, secondly, those that have a low-amplitude and high-frequency game. With regard to the bersh, the manufacturers clearly got excited. This smaller and toothless relative of pike perch stays at considerable depths and does not rise to the surface. As for salmon, it all depends on the specific situation. Quite possible,

Fishing technique on Lucky Lure

All swimbaits are designed for slow line fishing. Sometimes it can be uniform, sometimes the angler has to turn on his imagination. Lucky Lure with its serpentine body should perform well on even wiring. If the results of fishing are not satisfactory, you can try to make short pauses and smooth pulls. Sharp twitching to swimbaits is contraindicated.

Healthy! After the bait splashes down, you need to wait a while. The deeper the fishing area, the longer the wait. Then start wiring.

Tackle for fishing with lure Lucky Lure

For fishing with this bait, a relatively short (1.8-2.1 meters) spinning of a fast or medium-fast action is required. It should be powerful enough – with a top bait test of at least an ounce. Fishing with a
multiplier reel can be more comfortable than with a ”
meat grinder “. [caption id="attachment_10454" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]
Innovative fish bait Lucky Lure: how it works, reviewsLucky Loure efficiency

Where to fish on Lucky Lure

The Lucky Lure has worked well in still water fishing, in places where there are a lot of stones and individual bushes of vegetation, which the angler must skillfully trace. The pike is an ambush predator and usually attacks either from behind a rock or grass.

Advantages and disadvantages of bait

The advantages of the Lucky Lure lure include the following:

  • catchability;
  • realistic retrieval behavior that provokes a predator to attack;
  • pretty high quality tees;
  • a good paintwork that successfully resists the teeth and fangs of predatory fish.

Among the minuses of the bait, the main ones are the following:

  • relatively high cost. In online stores, Lucky Lure is offered to customers for about 2,500 rubles, and prepayment is usually required;
  • Lack of sizing and limited colors.

You can buy a lucky lure with a significant discount
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Innovative fish bait Lucky Lure: how it works, reviews

Interesting fact! Recently, 3D technology has been used wherever possible. This is nothing more than a marketing ploy. Lucky lure’s 3D eyes do not affect its catchability in any way.

Where to buy Lucky lure

Lures Lucky lure are sold in online stores. So far, nothing has been heard about the existence of fakes, but it is not a fact that they do not exist. The best buy Lucky Lure on the official website.
Innovative fish bait Lucky Lure: how it works, reviews

Feedback from anglers

Reviews of the angler about this bait are mostly positive. Many are confused by the high cost, but all plastic volumetric baits, including wobblers and topwaters, are not cheap. Some anglers have commented on the high catchability of the Lucky Lure in pot fishing for asp. Usually this predator is extremely cautious, but during a mass fight it can let the angler come closer, especially if fishing is carried out from a boat. When catching pike, the bait has proven itself from the very best side. You just need to use it in the optimal conditions for fishing, which were mentioned above.

Important! The Lucky Lure lure allows you to “cut off” small things with pike and purposefully catch decent fish.

All users note the high quality of workmanship and long service life of the bait.
Innovative fish bait Lucky Lure: how it works, reviewsYou will hardly see negative reviews, like “this is a scam” or “complete scam” on the network. Thus, the innovative Lucky Lure lure can be recommended to anglers who prefer a leisurely hunt for large predators, rather than collectors of the largest possible number of bites. Here everything is determined by temperament and fishing priorities.

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