Innovative electronic fish lure Twitching Lure


Currently, “fundamentally new” baits periodically appear on the fishing market, with the help of which you can catch any fish in any, even a heavily pressed reservoir. The developers of such baits, as a rule, are American engineers, and these “magic” devices are made in China. As one of these new products, anglers are offered the Twtching Lure electronic wobbler.

Fish bait for fishing Twiching Lure

The description of the characteristics of this bait is rather scarce. Only the following details are indicated:

  • wobbler length – 12 cm;
  • the built-in battery is charged via a USB cable;
  • the bait vibrates, makes sounds and glows, thereby imitating a wounded or sick fish;
  • the wobbler is equipped with two Mustad tees, judging by the color, marine type.

Innovative electronic fish lure Twitching Lure
Innovative electronic fish lure Twitching LureSeveral questions immediately arise. For a practicing spinner, it is extremely important to know two things: how much the bait weighs and what level of buoyancy it has – a floating wobbler, sinking or suspender. The choice of gear for fishing on a specific bait depends on the first, and on the second, what type of wiring will be optimal. In the instructions for using the Twiching Lure wobbler, it is recommended to throw it in and wait until it goes deep, after which you can start wiring. It follows from this that the wobbler is most likely sinking, however, it is still impossible to understand how fast it is sinking.

Lures of this length can weigh about 20 grams, so gear should be selected accordingly. One angler weighed the wobbler and wrote that it weighed 25 grams.

Further. Wobbler vibrates, as you can understand, even when stationary. Vibrations are high frequency acoustic vibrations that really attract fish. But what sound the bait makes is completely unclear. Whether he has a noise capsule, the filling of which makes a sound when moving, or some other principle is used, remains unclear. Finally, it is written that the wobbler glows. Recently, many baits are dyed with compounds with the addition of a component whose glow can only be seen in ultraviolet rays. Such baits have proven to be effective when fishing in certain conditions.
Innovative electronic fish lure Twitching LureThe wobbler glows and lays the glide with ragged movements [/ caption] But the wobbler, shining like an ocean liner at night, when fishing in the daytime – how much does it attract a predator? Unknown. Almost certainly, such a bait will show its effectiveness when
catching walleye at night ., but is it suitable for trolling? The manufacturer does not write anything about this. Although some reviews indicate that the twitching lure electronic wobbler regularly catches fish even with uniform wiring, respectively, they can also be caught on the track. Although the wobbler is called Twiching Lure, the manufacturer writes that no animation is required, the fish will bite, even if you just drag it with clinging grass, it annoys the predator so much with its unusual qualities. It is clear that this is a publicity stunt – in any case, a minnow wobbler, especially a sinking one, is better to lead in jerks with pauses between them. A list of fish that can be caught on the Twiching Lure electronic wobbler is given. It includes:

  • pike;
  • zander;
  • perch;
  • salmon;
  • asp;
  • ide;
  • chub.

Innovative electronic fish lure Twitching LureOf course, the pike in this list is in the first place for good reason. The lure is typically pike. Walleye can also reasonably be considered as a potential prey. A large perch may well peck at this wobbler. Salmon is a rather finicky fish, although if the bait works well in the current, then why not. If the wobbler has a good range, then hunting for asp can be successful. But the ide and, especially, the chub are unlikely to covet the bait of this size. There is no information regarding the color range of Twiching Lures. On all sites you can see a wobbler of the same color – a variation on the Red Head theme: a red head and a silvery body with black dots. The color, of course, is not bad, but sometimes something else is required – natural or annoying coloring. Maybe,
Innovative electronic fish lure Twitching LureInstructions in Russian on how to use this bait correctly are given on several sites.
Innovative electronic fish lure Twitching Lure

Important! The main thing, after the end of charging, do not forget to close the USB port to prevent water from entering inside.

You can buy an electronic wobbler Twiching Lure in online stores. Most often, its cost is indicated, equal to 990 rubles, which is not so much for a catchy bait. Moreover, according to the manufacturer, the wobbler has a coating that is resistant to the teeth of predatory fish, and therefore can be used for quite a long time.

Innovative electronic fish lure Twitching Lure – real feedback from anglers

The main complaint that can be heard from anglers using this bait is that the duration of a fully charged lure declared by the manufacturer, which is 24 hours, is not true. Some write that the charge lasts for several hours, while for others it discharges even faster. True, and you can charge it quickly.

Attention! After fishing, the wobbler should be dried, and if fishing was carried out in salt water, then rinse it under fresh water beforehand. Most of the feedback about the lure is positive. Fishermen who practice fishing in the same water bodies write that their catches have increased by 2-3 times. Trophy specimens began to come across more often. Almost all positive reviews relate to pike fishing. Experienced anglers recommend Twiching Lure lures to beginners, as they make it easier to make sure there are fish in the waters and to believe in their own strength. It is advised to catch active pike with uniform wiring, and passive pike with twitching. There are no pronounced negative reviews, there are, if I may say so, neutral ones. They are written by anglers who do not find any outstanding qualities in an electronic wobbler. That is, he catches fish, but not better than ordinary ones, which do not have such an innovative filling. In general, it can be stated

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