How to catch a pike on a spinning rod: how to find a predator, tackle, fishing technique, lures

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Pike is one of the main objects of spinning fishing. This is because this predator is widespread. It can be found on large and small rivers, ponds and lakes. For most spinners, pike was the first trophy. And someone begins to get involved in spinning fishing just to catch a toothy predator.
How to catch a pike on a spinning rod: how to find a predator, tackle, fishing technique, lures

How to assemble a spinning rod for fishing pike – blank, reel, cord, rigging tackle

How to choose a pike spinning rod for beginners

The first thing to start with assembling gear for a toothed predator is the choice of a spinning rod. Its quality will determine what kind of game the bait will be able to set. Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with the parameters of the rods and choose the appropriate option for yourself. Some athletes and even amateurs prefer to use different blanks for different baits, since they can reveal the game of baits in different ways. However, this option is more practical when fishing from a boat. In coastal fishing, when you have to walk a lot, carrying several sets of rods with you is not very practical. But you can try to choose a universal rod for your fishing characteristics.
How to catch a pike on a spinning rod: how to find a predator, tackle, fishing technique, luresThe equipment of a spinning rod for fishing pike is schematic [/ caption] The first thing to pay attention to is the length of the rod. If fishing is supposed to be on a small river with heavily overgrown banks, then you can opt for a short rod, 2.1 meters long. If the branches do not interfere with the casting, and the casting itself needs to be performed more distant, you can use longer spinning rods. The rod test indicates the recommended weight of the bait. If the bait is smaller than the stated test, then it will be extremely difficult to animate it, and it will also not work to cast a bait that is too light for a fishing rod. At the same time, if the lure is too heavy for the spinning rod, there is a risk of breaking. For pike fishing, a medium class rod is most often suitable. Ultralight is less commonly used. Shimano Catana can be noted from udtralite spinning rods.To set the correct game with the bait, you need to use a rod
suitable formation . So, for twitching wobblers, you need a spinning rod with a fast and super-fast action, such as in Favorite X1. Thanks to the stiffness of the stick, you can unleash the full potential of these lures. For fishing with lures and silicone, a medium action rod, such as Favorite New Spirit, is suitable.
How to catch a pike on a spinning rod: how to find a predator, tackle, fishing technique, luresForm of blank [/ caption] Good spinning rod for pike for jigging and twitching:

Which reel to choose for pike spinning

The spinning reel for pike fishing can be either
spinning or
multiplier… It is meat grinders that are more widespread among our fishermen. For spinning fishing, the weight of the reel plays an important role. It should not be heavy, since the spinning rod is constantly in the hands. Therefore, heavy traction reels should be abandoned in favor of small and medium spinning reels. A spool size of 2500-3000 will be sufficient, as for example in Shimano Stradic. This is a universal size for blanks with dough 10-30, 5-21 grams. The location of the front drag is convenient, as it can be adjusted while playing. The quality of the coil will determine the wiring, as well as how the cord will be laid on the spool. And this, in turn, will avoid the formation of beards.
How to catch a pike on a spinning rod: how to find a predator, tackle, fishing technique, lures

Choosing braids for fishing

A cord is used to catch pike on a spinning rod
. It does not stretch, it allows you to clearly transfer fish pokes to the rod tip. Also, the cord does not dry out over time and does not have a memory effect like a fishing line. Cords are labeled with the weight they can carry in pounds, indicated in lb. The Select Basic PE 12 lb cord is good for pike.
How to catch a pike on a spinning rod: how to find a predator, tackle, fishing technique, lures

What leash is needed for pike fishing

The last important element of the tackle is the
leash . It is useless to hunt for a pike without a leash, as it easily bites the line and line. The best pike leads are steel, titanium and
fluorocarbon .
How to catch a pike on a spinning rod: how to find a predator, tackle, fishing technique, luresTitanium leashes fit well on crimped tubes [/ caption] The simplest option is a twisted string. This is the cheapest consumable. Of the shortcomings, it deforms over time. Other steel leads are also used for pike fishing, such as titanium ones. Also, the use of fluorocarbon leads is quite common. But they need to be selected based on the estimated size of the catch, since the pike can still snack on fluorocarbon if the diameter is insufficient. How to assemble a spinning rod for pike fishing so that the tackle is balanced and catchy, how to choose a rod, reel, line and how to balance and equip it all:

Set of lures for fishing pike

The lures are selected for the specific circumstances of fishing and the preferences of pike at a given time. Pike caught on
spinners ,
crankbaits , silicone, and
surface lures .
How to catch a pike on a spinning rod: how to find a predator, tackle, fishing technique, luresThe toothy predator has always responded well to “iron”. Pike trolling
spoons or
turntable on uniform wiring is not too difficult, if it is, in principle, is active. Turntables from Mepps of the Aglia long series with an oblong petal of the third number have proven themselves well in pike. Of the spoons, the Atom spinner can be noted.
How to catch a pike on a spinning rod: how to find a predator, tackle, fishing technique, luresMepps Aglia Long [/ caption] In autumn it is difficult to do without such lures as Rudra and Orbit. These minnows provoke a hungry autumn pike to grip.
How to catch a pike on a spinning rod: how to find a predator, tackle, fishing technique, luresZipbaits Orbit 110 sp – a typical autumn wobbler [/ caption] In spring and autumn, you can rest against the use of a jig. For pike fishing use lures larger than average from 3.5 inches in length. Full-bodied shakes are good, like kegs like Select Shad One. The best colors in clear water are machine oil and ultraviolet light, in turbid water – acid colors.
Tandem - spinner + vibrotailTandem – spinner + vibrotail [/ caption] In summer, when water bodies are heavily overgrown with grass, it is advisable to use surface baits, poppers, as well as ducklings, mice, toads. The pike really feeds on various living creatures that have fallen into the water. Therefore, they are familiar food to her. Fishing for pike with surface lures is a separate art form. It’s nice to watch the beautiful attacks and candles of this strong fish.

Search for a predator in a pond

Searching is an integral part of spinning fishing. Spinning fishing is largely exploratory. The spinning player’s task is to find where the pike can stand, and only then try to seduce it into a throw with a game of bait. There are two tactics for spinning fishing. First, to rest on one place, changing the bait, its game and delivery. But for this you need to be sure that there is fish at this point. The second option is to look for active fish. Experienced spinning anglers already have their own proven places where it is known that pike is worth. And even when fish is caught from this place, the holy place is never empty for a long time. A competitor quickly takes a promising place.
How to catch a pike on a spinning rod: how to find a predator, tackle, fishing technique, luresDetails on spinning pike and other predatory fish from the shore:

How to catch a pike on a spinning rod – where to look and how to fish from the shore and a boat on a lake, pond and river

This fish prefers to attack from an ambush. She has her own parking spaces. Knowing such places, you can methodically hunt them down. Even without knowing such places on a particular reservoir, you can pay attention to some features of the reservoir, which will tell you where the pike may be. Secrets of fishing for large pike with a spinning rod:

Lake fishing tactics

Pike in closed waters often migrates from one place to another. Small backwaters where the coastline bends, there are windows in the grass, as well as the border of thickets and clear water can be promising places along the toothy on the lake. It is often easier to fish on a spinning rod on a lake than on a river. To succeed, you can change the place of fishing. It is also worth methodically fishing each place with a fan method, including leading the bait along the coastline. Experiment with wires and baits. On lakes, pike reacts to a smoother and slower drive than on a river.

River tactics

The pike has many promising anchorage spots on the river. These are pools and backwaters of the river, also driftwood in the water and the shade of hanging tree crowns. Dumps in depth, channel and coastal edges, bends in the banks, places of reverse flow. Small rivers allow you to fish the entire horizon right from the shore. On large rivers, it is advisable to use boats. On rivers, you can use the entire arsenal of baits and experiment with wiring.
How to catch a pike on a spinning rod: how to find a predator, tackle, fishing technique, lures

Search tactics on the reservoir from a boat

For fishing in a reservoir, an echo sounder may be required. This is because the fish in the reservoir is highly “diluted with water” and can be difficult to find. In addition, to fish in the reservoir, you need to find anomalies at the bottom or just deep places, which will also help the echo sounder. On reservoirs, they fish with heavy baits, as well as trolling from a boat.

How to spin pike from the shore – fishing tactics and strategy

Shore fishing for pike somewhat limits the spinner in the choice of places. Some places are simply not good enough. However, if it is a small lake, river backwater or small river, coastal fishing can bring good results. Often, coastal fishing will require a longer rod for long-range casts. Fishing from the shore means fishing at shallow depths. Fishing for pike on a spinning rod – see the video how to find a predator, what lures to use, how to do the wiring, how to tire the pike when fishing after a bite:

The choice of bait depending on the conditions

Often the fishing conditions dictate which bait to use. For example, when fishing in heavily overgrown places, it will not work to use wobblers with many tees. In such places, it is good to use surface baits, as well as offset silicone. Silicone baits will also allow you to fish in tight places.
How to catch a pike on a spinning rod: how to find a predator, tackle, fishing technique, luresCorrect location of the bait on the offset machine [/ caption]


This type of animation is used for fishing with wobblers. Tweet with fast and super fast action rods. Soft rods will not be able to give the wobbler the right game. Twitch is called torn wiring with jerks. At the same time, the wobbler makes jerks in different directions and freezes for a moment, which provokes the predator to attack. Wobblers are used at depths of up to 2-4 meters. There are also wobblers, divers, the use of which is relevant up to 5-8 meters.


Jig fishing is used with silicone baits. With the help of jigging, you can push through the entire water horizon. Classic jigging is: tossing the bait from the bottom, then a pause, during which the bait smoothly descends to the bottom, and then again a jerk and reeling. Spinning pike fishing video in 2021 – jig fishing, rattlins, fishing tactics, technique and posting:

Fishing with lures

It is with lures that it is best to start mastering spinning fishing. This is because even wiring is perfect for fishing with lures. Spoons have their own game, which can be set even with uniform posting. Oscillating lures can also be used in stepped driving, allowing the bait to sink to the bottom. How to cast a spinning rod when fishing for pike over the head:
How to catch a pike on a spinning rod: how to find a predator, tackle, fishing technique, luresPower casting of a spinning rod:
How to catch a pike on a spinning rod: how to find a predator, tackle, fishing technique, lures


This is a type of spinning fishing with a floating craft. The rod is attached to the boat and starts to sail at a certain speed. With the help of trolling fishing, they hunt for real trophies. For trolling, heavy lures are used, and accordingly, powerful rods with a large test are needed. On a boat for trolling fishing it is better to use an electric motor. It is less noisy and allows you to go at low revs.

Fishing for pike in the spring with a spinning rod

In spring, it makes sense to look for pike in different places. At the beginning of spring, the toothed predator is still inactive and inactive. However, the so-called winter spinning is widespread. Pike is caught on small rivers or on bodies of water that are not frozen in ice. Although the fish is inactive, you can still pick up the key to it. In early spring, fishing is not much different from winter spinning. The fish is in deep places, you need to look for it in the pits, for example, with the help of a jig. As soon as the water warms up to 5-8 degrees, the pike begins to pre-spawn. The predator begins to visit for future use before spawning. At this time, she actively feeds and begins to go closer to the shore behind schools of fry. It has been noticed that small or elongated baits work better in spring. Experienced fishermen attribute this to the fact that the predator’s belly is filled with caviar, and it will be difficult for her to swallow a large fish.The spawning period does not last long, only a couple of weeks.
How to catch a pike on a spinning rod: how to find a predator, tackle, fishing technique, luresIn spring, the pike bites aggressively in the westerly wind, especially if there is a light drizzle on the water [/ caption] Then the pike starts spawning when it stops taking bait. After spawning, the fish get sick for a while, as the people say, “change teeth.” As soon as the pike recovers from spawning, it begins to actively peck again. Usually this time falls on the month of May. The fish begins to occupy the places of its usual summer camp. Smaller pike stays in shallow water, in grass and in reeds. In the spring you can often get on the pike outing just in the middle of the day. Mistakes when fishing for pike with a spinning rod – how to fish correctly, what gear should be used:

Fishing in summer

In summer, the activity of the pike decreases slightly. They catch pike in the summer with a variety of lures in different places. The pike is an ambush predator. Therefore, she prefers to stay near natural shelters, in flooded trees, in the grass and walls of reeds. Due to the fact that in summer the reservoirs are actively overgrown with grass, it becomes problematic to fish with spinning on some of them. Therefore, in the summer it is high time to use surface baits such as poppers, Croatian eggs, ducks, toads, and shallow lures. In the summertime, the hours of catching a predator may change. The pike does not like the hot sun. Therefore, the time of its activity is shifted to early morning or evening. Pike activity in summer can be observed during a temporary cooling after rains and on cloudy days. Since August,when the water temperature begins to drop, the pike becomes more active. How to catch a pike on a spinning rod, in the video there is real pike fishing – tackles, baits, postings:

Fishing in autumn

Autumn is a classic time for catching trophy specimens. Catching a pike at this time is not difficult. The predator increases its activity during this period, begins to fatten up before winter. The peak of the autumn bite is in mid-October – early November. In the fall, the toothed predator does not shun large baits. It’s time to experiment with big wobblers and silicone. In autumn, grass begins to fall on the reservoirs, which allows you to catch a predator in a larger water horizon.

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