Catching asp on a spinning rod in the spring of March, April and May

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Catching asp on a spinning rod is an exciting activity, but catching a lively predator, especially in spring, is quite difficult. However, spinning anglers are not afraid of this. After all, it is impossible to forget powerful bites and playing a river horse. You want to experience such experiences over and over again. Going to the pond, it is important to familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of fishing for asp (sheresper) in the spring, as well as take care of purchasing suitable tackle.
Catching asp on a spinning rod in the spring of March, April and MaySheresper is a handsome and lively opponent [/ caption]

When the asp starts to be active in the spring

With the onset of the flood, the active nibble of the scharesper begins. Despite the fact that the fish is kept at a depth, before spawning, it swims close enough to the shore. Peak flood is considered to be the best time to catch asp in early spring. From mid-April, the predator goes to a depth (45-50 meters from the coastline).

Note! The fish is active only during the daytime. At night, the sharesper goes to the bottom and does not react to baits.

Where to look for asp in the spring on different bodies of water

The river horse (asp) can be found in small and large rivers. The representative of the carp family loves the current, and not stagnant water.

On small rivers

In small bodies of water, Sharesper hunts alone, setting up ambushes for prey in snagged areas and rifts. It is recommended to fish where trees hang over the water.

Note! The fish move along the river and hunt for fry, taking the same route.

On medium and large rivers

On medium and large bodies of water, it is recommended to fish for areas of rifts, shallow streams and snagged places. On the rifts (shallow zones of the river bed), the current is quite strong. Pits are formed behind the transverse shallows. The promising spots may be higher / lower than the rifts. Also, the predator can stand at the top of the heaps. Most often, the river horse pursues a medium-sized forage fish, by the type of
bleak or
verkhovka . Periodically, the shereper attacks its prey with violent blows and somersaults.
Catching asp on a spinning rod in the spring of March, April and MayTypical Sharesper parking in spring [/ caption]


A spinning rod, the length of which is 2.4-2.7 m, is perfect for fishing a sharesper.With such a tackle, you can cast over long distances. The size of the spinning reels should be between 2500-3000. Bezinertsionka will allow you to easily throw small baits at a long distance. As the main line, it is permissible to use braids, the thickness of which reaches 0.15 mm, or a monofilament line (diameter 0.28 mm). Avid fishermen advise making leashes from fluorocarbon.

Catching asp on a spinning rod

To catch asp was successful, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the peculiarities of fishing for a lively predator before going on a fishing trip. It is important to choose the most suitable fishing tactics and choose a catchy bait.

Features of fishing in early spring

Going in search of asp in early spring, you should first of all catch:

  • reservoirs that do not freeze for the winter;
  • waters from which the ice came off.

The highest catchability in March is observed in water bodies that are not covered with ice. Due to the acceptable water temperature, the activity of the asp will be high. By fishing in the water areas from which the ice has managed to get off, the fisherman will be able to achieve a decent catch. Going to spinning Sheresper in early spring, you can use the following baits:

  • oscillating spoons;
  • wobblers;
  • spinning spoons.

Catching asp on a spinning rod in the spring of March, April and MayA set of baits for a Sharesper [/ caption] At this time of the year, a spinner with loading works well. The weighty lure allows you to cast at a long distance as accurately as possible. The listed baits can be used to fish deep water bodies with medium / fast currents.

Note! If you want to use a dead bait, you should give preference to small fish with an elongated body (bleak, gudgeon, etc.). The recommended fish size is 8-9 cm.

When fishing a pond in search of a lively predator in early spring, it is worth using uniform wiring, as well as:

  • jig;
  • twitching;
  • stop and go.

When making long casts, it is important to be precise. It is worth practicing in advance in order to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the throwing technique. Catching asp on spinning in early spring from the shore in the 2021 season, where to look for the handsome Sharesper and what lures to use – video from the river bank:

Features of fishing in April

In April, the sheresper can be found in areas of reservoirs saturated with oxygen, since the river horse is difficult to tolerate oxygen starvation. During this period, it is advisable to engage in fishing:

  • sand spit;
  • eyebrows;
  • snagged areas;
  • holes.

Note! When the ice has completely melted, the fish will move to steep areas that are in the coastal zone. As soon as the water temperature starts to rise, the lively predator will actively move along the river in search of prey.

Going on a quiet hunt in April, you should take a class H spinning rod, the length of which is 3-3.3 meters. The recommended tackle system is fast, the upper limit of the dough reaches 30 grams. It is convenient to perform power casting and active posting with such a rod. It is better to use a spinning reel. The spool size should be between 2500-3000. As the main line, it is permissible to use a braid, the cross-section of which reaches 0.16 mm, or a monofilament line (diameter 0.3 mm). The leash is made of fluorocarbon. The use of metal leads is advisable only in cases where pike lives in the reservoir
Catching asp on a spinning rod in the spring of March, April and MayAs Sharesper sees, the angler needs to position himself on the shore so as to be out of sight of the predator [/ caption] The most catchy lures in April are:

  • spinners;
  • balancers;
  • jigs – weighted oscillating spoons;
  • cone-shaped jigs with bleak or tulka attached to the hook. Catching asp on a spinning rod in the spring of March, April and MayJigs are good for asp [/ caption]

Also in the middle of spring,
you can use wobblers and silicone baits to catch a predator . Using a devon allows you to provoke a passive Sharesper to attack. This is due to the fact that the rotating blades of the bait create vibration that attracts fish.

Advice! When fishing in areas with aquatic vegetation, it is worth using a spinnerbait.

Free jigsFree jigs on spinnerbaits – such baits can be jigged like ordinary silicone, this option is even preferable if fishing is in the water floor [/ caption] The most effective wiring this time of year is considered superficial. The bites of predatory fish are sharp and strong, so it is important not to be distracted during fishing.

Fishing for large asp on a spinning rod in the spring from the bank on a small river, bait and secret postings – video from the bank:

Features of fishing in May

With the onset of May, the asp ceases to feel the constant feeling of hunger. During this period, it is best to come for fishing in the early morning or evening (17-18 hours). On some small and medium-sized rivers in May, the sheresper is quite good to catch from 4 to 5:30 in the morning. Rides are considered an ideal place for catching a predator in late spring. In shallow water, the current begins to accelerate. Fish will increasingly appear near the coast, chasing prey. Due to the movement of the water near the coast, it becomes quite noisy. This will hide the extraneous sound from the casting of the tackle and not frighten off the river horse.
Catching asp on a spinning rod in the spring of March, April and MayYou can also catch asp in May in areas that are overgrown with aquatic vegetation. Also, do not bypass the places near the trees that have fallen into the water. To catch a predator at the end of spring, it is worth using a spinning rod, the length of which is 2.6-3.2 meters, and the test is 40 grams. The action of the rod should be fast, medium-fast. During this period, intensive wiring is used, therefore it is advisable to use a high-speed reel, the spool capacity of which reaches 100 meters. The recommended monofilament line diameter is 0.3 mm. If you wish, you can use a braid (0.14 mm). Going to catch asp in May, you should take with you the most effective baits, which include:

  1. Elongated spinners . The most catchy at this time of the year are castmaster-type vibrators, the mass of which reaches 30 grams.
  2. Wobblers . For predator fishing in May, sinking minnow models, the length of which reaches 50-70 mm, are suitable.
  3. Jig-bait elongated .Okras main part twister / soft plastic bait should be light, and the rest dark.

Catching asp on a spinning rod in the spring of March, April and MayCastmaster is the best at all times among lures when fishing at long distances [/ caption] The bait is thrown into the supposed location of the predatory fish, or 2 4 meters downstream from the site of the battle, after which they carry out vigorous posting with short pauses. Each stop should only be 1 second long.

Tips and Secrets

Below you can find the advice of experienced fishermen who have been catching asp for many years and know the secrets and subtleties of hunting a lively predator.

  1. Early morning is considered the best time to fish for sheresper in spring. On cloudy days, you can fish the river throughout the day.
  2. If fishing in an unfamiliar body of water is to be done , the first step is to find the feeding areas of the Sharesper . Most often, the predator moves along the same route.
  3. When fishing on a pond with a strong current, it is worth giving the bait by rafting . You can also go into the water upstream. This technique is especially effective when using floating wobblers. Compliance with this recommendation will allow not to frighten off the cautious predator and to work out the hard-to-reach areas of the reservoir as efficiently as possible, the coastline of which is heavily overgrown with reeds.
  4. When catching sections of the river from the bank, it is recommended to cast from behind a shelter . This will make it possible not to frighten off the cautious predator.
  5. If there is no bite for a long time, you can try tying a long fluorocarbon leash . Quite often, the schereper does not take the bait due to the fact that he notices the braid.
  6. Going to catch asp, you should take lures of different sizes with you . The preferences of the predator in different bodies of water differ, so you need to be well prepared so as not to be left without a catch.

Catching asp on a spinning rod in the spring of March, April and MayTo catch an asp, you should adhere to a number of recommendations [/ caption] Catching a sheresper in spring is a fascinating and interesting process. Despite the fact that the meat of asp is difficult to attribute to delicacies, fishermen go to water bodies in order to catch this predator, so that they can then nobly release it. Such an addiction to the sherespur is explained by the strong bites and the powerful tenacity that the fish show when playing. For fishing to be effective, it is important to familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of catching asp. Let the chosen location, gear and experience endlessly open up new perspectives. No tail, no scales!

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