Arctic thermos Antarctica K46 with electric heating – features and specifications

Снаряжение и оборудование для рыбалки

The Antarctica K46 Arctic thermos is a hot drink for up to a week in severe cold conditions. The dream of a hunter and a fisherman, an athlete and a traveler about freshly brewed tea will become a reality if he has a liter Antarctica k46 thermos in his backpack. Thanks to an ergonomic thermos with a convenient mug, a hot fragrant drink is available at any time. A cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee will warm you up on a frosty day, cheer you up, give you vigor. A practical steel thermos with electric heating Antarctica k46 is a worthy gift for a lover of winter outdoor recreation.

What is a quality thermos Antarctic k 46

Thermos (vacuum flask) Antarctica k46, – an insulated steel container, a flask in a flask, separated by vacuum. Inside the device is a thin copper tube, which is used by the manufacturer to completely evacuate air from the space between the two containers. A hot drink in the inner flask does not cool down for a long time, because the heat transfer between the liquid and the air space is carried out through the vibrations of atoms and molecules, which is impossible under vacuum conditions. Arctic thermos Antarctica k46, arranged using vacuum insulation technology:

  • perfectly keeps heat;
  • durable;
  • convenient and safe to use, even if there is boiling water inside, the outer case will always be cool;
  • does not emit or absorb odors, hygienic;
  • has a laconic but stylish design;
  • equipped with a built-in lithium-ion battery, which allows you to maintain the desired temperature of the drink at the touch of a button, which is reflected on the LED display built into the lid;
  • protected from mechanical damage.

Arctic thermos Antarctica K46 with electric heating - features and specificationsThe material of the body and the inner flask is stainless food steel. The steel case is difficult to damage. The thermos will not crack or deform even if it falls from a height onto a stone surface. To reduce thermal conductivity, the surface of the inner bulb is covered with a layer of reflective silvery material. The heat reflects off the mirrored walls again and again, thus staying inside. Such a flask is environmentally friendly, will never rust or oxidize. She’s not afraid of mold. Judging by the reviews, tea in the Arctic thermos Antarctica k46 remains tasty, fresh and fragrant, even after a day. The practical cork-valve ensures minimal heat loss when pouring the drink. The lid is equipped with a sealing silicone ring, which prevents liquid leakage. Built-in mug made of food-grade plastic – convenient to use, environmentally friendly. A high-quality thermos is needed not only for outdoor enthusiasts, it will be useful at home. You can brew green tea in the evening. Due to the presence of a vacuum, the drink retains its taste, phytoncides, thiamine, ascorbic acid, other vitamins and useful minerals for a long time. A thermos with invigorating coffee will come in handy for a student writing a diploma.
Arctic thermos Antarctica K46 with electric heating - features and specificationsIf a person has a cold and lies with a fever, you can prepare hot cranberry juice for him, brew a vitamin drink from rose hips or strong fragrant tea. When the patient wants hot tea with raspberries, it will not be difficult for him to pour a drink from a thermos, carefully left on a table near the bed.Arctic thermos Antarctica K46 with electric heating - features and specifications

Attention! In order not to be disappointed in the purchase and not to overpay extra money, we recommend buying an Antarctica k46 thermos on the website of the official supplier .

So that the thermos never fails

When choosing a thermos, important characteristics should be taken into account – the maximum volume of the drink, the type of insulation, the material of manufacture, ease of use and carrying. Away from your cozy home, in extreme conditions, you will enjoy a double espresso if you buy and take with you a liter Antarctica k46 thermoflask with your favorite drink. To avoid unpleasant excesses with a new thermos, it is necessary :

  1. Verify that there is no visible damage to the body and surface of the inner bulb.
  2. Pour hot water into the container, measure the temperature. Close the lid tightly, leave for an hour and a half.
  3. Make sure that everything is airtight (cork and lid must fit snugly against the steel body), the surface does not heat up, and liquid does not leak anywhere, even if you put the thermos horizontally or turn it upside down.
  4. Measure the temperature of the water again, make sure it has not dropped. Check the result with the temperature reading on the display cover. Attention! Judging by the reviews on the Antarctica k46 thermos, the drink cools down if the inner cork is not tightened. If it is too tight, it may soon deform, which will also lead to loss of tightness.
  5. Poor-quality toxic materials can exude foreign odors that will penetrate into the water and spoil the drink.
  6. If everything is in order, the water should be poured out. Thermos is ready. You can pour your favorite hot drink.

Arctic thermos Antarctica K46 with electric heating - features and specificationsIf you’re lucky, the Arctic thermos Antarctica k46 can be bought at a promotion . Before pouring tea or coffee, check the cleanliness of the inner surface and rinse the flask with boiling water to warm it up. It is recommended to fill the thermos completely. So the drink cools down more slowly. After use, the inner flask should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water. Do not close the lid until everything is dry. Cleaning is a mandatory procedure, it does not allow the spread of pathogenic bacteria, protects against the appearance of foreign odors that “kill” the taste of coffee or tea. Just some reviews about the Arctic thermos Antarctica k46:
Arctic thermos Antarctica K46 with electric heating - features and specifications

Attention! Do not put the temperature display cap into the water or fill it with running water for rinsing. Liquid entering inside will cause the circuit board to short-circuit, and the intelligent temperature display function will fail. The correct way to care for the thermos is described in the user manual.

The Antarctica k46 electrically heated is a high-tech appliance that requires proper operation. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, then the drinks will be hot and tasty, and the thermos itself will serve without fail for many years. All materials in contact with beverages are food grade. If you are fond of investments, then I recommend an excellent article about calculating commissions and expenses on brokerage accounts .

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