Tourist pocket chain saw: bought and tested

Снаряжение и оборудование для рыбалки

Spring came. And with it, an unbearable desire to go to nature, fish, admire the first greenery and sunset. And where there is nature and fishing, there are gatherings around the fire. Often the first fishing trips in the spring are spontaneous and unprepared. I tied the tackle to the frame, threw a knife, water, and matches into my backpack and forward towards happiness and good luck. This is where a chain saw comes in handy.
Tourist pocket chain saw: bought and testedA chain pocket saw does not take up much space, it is convenient to use [/ caption] A hand-held tourist pocket saw chain saw is a necessary tool for fishermen, hunters, and tourists. It is used when harvesting firewood and branches of small average diameter up to 30 cm. It may also be needed to clear a clearing for setting up a tent, cutting stakes, etc. The compact tool is lightweight, compact to carry and is indispensable in conditions where it is not possible or makes sense to keep a chainsaw at hand. Main bonuses:

  1. Lightweight and compact.
  2. Reliable.
  3. Does not require preparation for use.
  4. Ability to use alone.
  5. Suitable for most situations that can happen on fishing, hunting, camping.

We chose a hand-held chainsaw for testing, not a cordless one. It is cheaper, easier to operate and more reliable, especially when away from home.

What did you buy and what did you get

So. For the test, we chose a pocket hiking mini chain saw with fabric handles from ABSOLUT TRADE. Bought this on sale, delivered quickly. Although even without a promotion, the price for such an instrument is quite adequate. TTX:

  • The length of the entire tool is 103 cm, the working part is 63 cm.
  • The material of the links is manganese steel, which is not subject to corrosion and wear.
  • Handles – nylon strap with ribbed non-slip surface.
  • Weight is about 150 grams.
  • Bag included.

Tourist pocket chain saw: bought and testedWe do not know if it is the best on the market in this price range. But she coped with the assigned tasks, in the field showing herself from the best side. In addition to the 5 pluses of chain saws in general listed above, we will add a few more regarding this particular tool. The hand mini saw we tested has a comfortable and reliable grip, hands, even sweaty, do not slip, dropsy does not form .
Tourist pocket chain saw: bought and tested

It is also extremely important for comfort and safety when working in the rain.

The links are reliable, reminiscent of the shape of links from a chainsaw.
Tourist pocket chain saw: bought and testedAnd the most important thing! It really aggressively cuts into a tree, even wet and cuts quickly. Here in the photo the tree is wet, the girl coped with the task in three minutes.
Tourist pocket chain saw: bought and testedSaw through a tree with a hand chainsaw in three minutes by frail female hands. Comment: “I didn’t even sweat.” [/ caption] The kit comes with a case, which is important for safe carrying. And the hands are intact and the satchel.
Tourist pocket chain saw: bought and testedThe material of the links is high-strength steel. After three field trips and active use, the teeth became only a little dull. The problem is solved with any needle file, or a manual sharpener for chainsaws in a couple of minutes. It is interesting that the size of the handles and the blade is chosen so that both a tall man under 2 meters and a miniature girl or child can use the saw.
Tourist pocket chain saw: bought and testedA six cm dry alder fell in 30 seconds:
Tourist pocket chain saw: bought and testedCheck out the grip on the straps, secure and comfortable:
Tourist pocket chain saw: bought and testedThe saw allows you to get to the most inaccessible places, saws recumbent, standing, inclined objects. If necessary, the handles can be extended with paracord or rope. Thus, for example, we sawed high-lying branches of pine trees in an area where everything that is lower has already been broken out and burned by tourists.

A chainsaw is an essential tool in any traveler’s backpack , fisherman, tourist. Solves many tasks, compact and lightweight.

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