Thermal underwear X-BIONIC – seasonal sale starts, why not pass by?

Снаряжение и оборудование для рыбалки

Thermal underwear X-BIONIC – high-quality men’s and women’s underwear at an affordable price right now . Not a single sport, as well as outdoor activities and everyday life, is complete without thermal underwear. This essential layer of clothing can come in handy anywhere and anytime, especially for those with an active lifestyle. Thermal underwear X Bionic – the choice is easy to make:
Thermal underwear X-BIONIC - seasonal sale starts, why not pass by?

X-BIONIC is a functional set of clothing for leisure, tourism and sports

Thermal underwear is a popular garment among extreme athletes, but it is also used for everyday life, fishing, hunting and just relaxing. X-BIONIC clothing sets combine high-quality materials and new technologies that make everyday life comfortable and practical. The main functions that X-BIONIC thermal underwear performs:

  1. Body heating and keeping warm.
  2. The removal of moisture that the body secretes.

Heating is quite relevant and necessary property in cold weather. You can walk through the winter forest or climb a snowy glacier – in both cases, thermal underwear will be useful. Moisture removal is another advantage that the kit has. When a person is engaged in any activity, for example, riding a bike or doing a morning run, quite a lot of moisture is released from the body, which must be passed out. X-BIONIC provided all the necessary nuances. Thermal underwear is suitable for those who sweat a lot, and those who seek to keep warm under clothing.Thermal underwear X-BIONIC - seasonal sale starts, why not pass by?


Our catalog contains both women’s and men’s X-BIONIC thermal underwear sets. Each item of clothing from the set has an anatomical cut, thanks to which the linen fits perfectly to the body. Each set consists of a jacket and leggings. Available in a variety of colors that, combined with a versatile design, will highlight your uniqueness and style. There are a variety of sizes available to choose from so you can choose the right one for you. If necessary, you can use the dimensional grid. Thermal underwear X-BIONIC - seasonal sale starts, why not pass by?The collar on the jacket, as well as the cuffs, are made of soft fabric, which can be turned off at any time to a length convenient for you. This will help you to wear comfortably.Thermal underwear X-BIONIC - seasonal sale starts, why not pass by?


Thermal underwear X-BIONIC maintains the ideal body temperature, which does not allow the body to overcool or overheat. All kits that are presented on the site are made of hypoallergenic eco-friendly material. The technology by which the clothes are made provides improved ventilation of the body. This allows you not to get sick in cold or rainy weather.Thermal underwear X-BIONIC - seasonal sale starts, why not pass by?

The secret of our underwear

X-BIONIC can be used in all weather conditions as the kits are calculated for different temperature ranges, starting from -35C and ending with +30C. Also in this thermal underwear there is a special Sweat Traps technology, which contributes to a very rapid removal of moisture from the body. You will not even feel the signs of sweat or excess moisture. Another secret is Skin NODOR. A technology that exhibits bacteriostatic and hypoallergenic properties.

X-BIONIC Features

The main features of our products are:

  1. Protection from the cold . The 3D system works like a gateway and provides fresh air. Body temperature is not only effectively regulated, but also maintained at a constant level.
  2. ISO-Shoulder technology . Thanks to the wave-like structure on the skin, an optimal macroclimate is maintained, which protects the shoulders from the cold.
  3. Whole body ventilation . Protection against overheating well removes moisture and heat that the body produces. Fresh air is transported precisely to those parts of the body that are not amenable to natural ventilation.

Thermal underwear X-BIONIC - seasonal sale starts, why not pass by?On our website you can order X-BIONIC thermal underwear with home delivery, which is carried out throughout Russia. You can leave a request on the site or call the manager. If you are fond of investments, then I recommend an excellent article about calculating commissions and expenses on brokerage accounts .

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